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Meaning of Pyeong Jin 平進

“Pyeong” 平 means capability to keep stabilization and "Jin" 進 is for advance or progress. Our professionals in "PJA" continuously strive to advance our services meeting clients’ needs through sound judgment, composure and professional experiences.

Guiding Principles

  • Accountability

    Through partnership with investors and clients

  • Excellence

    Pursuing the best delivering everything we have

  • Integrity

    Maintain the highest professional ethics

  • Teamwork

    Working together to achieve shared goals

  • Entrepreneurship

    Finding and capturing opportunities overlooked by others

  • Leadership

    Increasing influence on domestic and international business

  • Balance

    Solving problems under fair and balanced manner

  • Commitment

    Putting our resources and reputations on the line

  • Meritocracy

    Rewards based on performance